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Cavedweller Bookworm

I love books of any kind, but now that i am in my fifties, i find myself gravitating more and more towards murder/mysteries and suspense novels. It also helps that a younger brother of mine has scads and scads of books and every time his home library needs more space for books purchased, he unloads heaps of titles on me. I can only describe the feeling of receiving these books as similar to winning a lotto! ( though i have yet to win one. so go figure) We were raised to love reading and books. i can still remember my dad taking us to this huge book store and allowing us to purchase 6-10 books each before our annual summer break up in the mountains. We would spend two months a year up in Baguio and the mornings were spent pony riding on trails, roller skating in a rink and arts/crafts activities in the country club where we stayed. I still smile when i remember opening up a new book and smelling the printer's ink ....ahhh bliss!